Business Set-up, Incorporations & Entry-India Strategies

Every legal entity aims to expand its business by setting up its office in India or a foreign land. Acclivity Consulting LLP brings forth a diverse range of options for you that you can consult under India entry services.

Setting up an entity in India is profitable because India is among the fastest growing economies in the world and has the most liberal/progressive Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) policies among the emerging economies. Moreover, the increasing needs and expenditure of India’s growing population are alluring the business community from all over the world. Setting up a business has been made easier now and constant attempts are being made to abolish most of the administrative hindrances.

Our team of highly skilled professionals understands the business requirements and be of assistance for a business entity planning to set-up their office in India. We simplify the process and navigate the intricacies of all legal rules and regulations for you at the most competitive rates. With our deep understanding and experience, our clients have started their business ventures in India and have turned out to be a successful enterprise in India.

Bookkeeping & Accounting

Owning a business means taking care of a lot of activities that result in having a little or no time left to maintain a record of the most integral part of a business, your finances. To have an efficient accounting system that records and monitor all finances and management particulars, a company requires a professional accounting system. Maintaining an accurate financial detail is required by investors, management, and regulators. Maintaining appropriate books are also one of the major legal requirements for an organization to make sure that all necessary taxes are paid and tax filings are made timely.

Acclivity Consulting LLP offers special book-keeping and accounting services for your organization that augments the productivity of your business. Our objective is to help understand your business and do more with your cash flows, presenting you with more time for core business functions.

Our well-qualified team offers advanced and latest technology service and support with an established process. Our team here at Acclivity customizes bookkeeping and accounting services as per your needs to let you stay ahead of all your competitors and providing you full time to focus on your core business tasks.

Payroll Management & Labour Laws Compliance

When you start a business, you do not want to focus on activities that slow down your core business operations. Neither will you wish to fall into any legalized contradiction due to disobedience to law.

Here, at Acclivity our payroll management and labor law compliance services are structured in a way that meets all your present as well as future requisites. Our team’s professionalism and principles originate from core values and business ethics that includes trust, integrity, constant learning and the development of our client. Our team of distinguished adept apprehends the intricacy of labor compliance in India, therefore they deal with each part keeping an eagle’s eye and freeing you from all the worries about regulatory obstacles. Our experts come from different backgrounds like human resources, legal, technology, compliance, regulation and risk management.

To provide you with knowledge-driven services, we use the best cloud-based system. We also help in maintaining any controversial intent or legal registers by working together with the labor department if you opt for this service.

Virtual CFO

Whether you own a multi-national company or a start-up, when your Chief Financial Officer (CFO) falls sick for a long period or he quits, you may require someone to immediately take over his responsibilities because CFO’s duties cannot be dismissed for a longer period of time.

We offer high-quality tailor-made Virtual CFO services in India at half the amount that is incurred by you to keep an in-house team. Our team set up a strong and trusted process during the initial phase of our appointment, manages client’s risks wisely and controls the daily functioning of our client’s operational team. We deliver our clients with expert advice and make the best financial and accounting practices for them. We also identify opportunities and weak points and then provide a roadmap that can help you achieve the financial goals in the safest, fastest, and most efficient way possible.

We assure you that our team will meet all your requirements with regards to financial management and tax laws.

Start-up Advisory

In this world, India has become one of the most famous destinations for ‘start-ups’. But starting up an organization does not come easy. It requires a lot of research and facing challenges in even getting an office space for the work.

We provide unique, tailor-made services for the distinctive needs of a startup. Our experience in finance, strategy, management, marketing, and development enables us to analyze your business and suggest you ways that will do its best in improving the possibility of success. We review your goals, compare them and make adjustments to it by our capabilities and skills that are complementary to your business.

Our team develops a fully fledged business plan to give you assistance and direct you on all fronts. We research the targeted market sectors to deal with all unsettled disputes and gather all resources that are needed for you to finally land in the market.

We aim at helping you at every stage of your journey and improving the overall business value by using influencing products and strategies across a wide range of industries.

Business Compliances

Business Compliance service is a Herculean task that is not easy and takes a lot of time.

Starting up an organization and initiating the aim of taking it to the next level require the business owner to conform to numerous laws. One does not have any alternative to overlook laws because that will lead to penalties and possible questioning by concerned authorities.

For numerous businesses, attending to compliance issues can take a significant time and resources that result in exposing them to an elevated degree of tax risk. However, Acclivity team can reduce this burden for the chief decision makers and the administrative staff by providing the best business compliance service. We free you from all worries of your compliance and enable you to concentrate more on managing and growing your business.

Whether we start new or take over your current records, we meticulously handle it all and assure you that all information will be up to date. Our team comprises of experienced Tax and Audit professionals who work together with the aim of providing the best services to our clients.

HR Management

In this world, where the competition is too high for every business, it is necessary for every business to face the pressure of cutting operating cost and deliver more value. To acquire this, an organization has to outsource non-core work and take care of their core business functions. Human Resource Management is one such activity. To maintain records, review employees, audit policies, implement the procedure, conduct interviews, and all other functions, we provide all human resource management services at Acclivity.

At Acclivity, we provide all HR management service to assist businesses to triumph through the effective management of employees.

Our experienced and qualified professionals provide personal Human Resource Management service to you to improve your efficiency and save HR costs. With our HRMS, you will be able to reduce cost, improve the delivery of HR strategies, and enhance employee satisfaction. With our proficiency in process redesign, organization change, HR strategy, and employee relationship management we have been transforming human resource management for years. We will bring out the best talent in your organization and make it grow so that your company can attain better profitability and performance.

Factory setup and Project Management

As your business grows, the challenges for you will also multiply. Acclivity does not let you face these challenges all alone. We stand by your side in setting up your factory and managing your project. We guide factory set-up on turn-key assignment mode through:

  • Location study and allotment - Where we identify the potential locations across India through a detailed location study for your business & represent our client to obtain the land from the government authorities by preparing detailed project reports, presentation and all other necessary activities with the concerned department
  • Registrations and Approvals- We assist in obtaining all the necessary licenses and approvals required for the registration of your business.
  • General Supervision Support: We assist our client to evaluate vendors, representation with the government departments, contractors.
  • Partner search- We identify an Indian partner who can augment the understanding of the Indian market, management of suppliers, manpower and distribution network.

Insolvency Resolution, Liquidation

Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016 ("Code") has been enacted for time-bound resolution of insolvency and bankruptcy of Companies, LLPs, etc. The Code helps creditors and borrowers to resolve defaults through a government monitored, time-bound procedure. A defaulting or financially stressed entity can be referred to the adjudicating authority by a financial or operational creditor for revival, takeover by an investor or winding-up. The process is managed through a licensed Insolvency Professional ('IP'), who would execute a resolution plan to keep the corporate as going concern or would liquidate the entity and settle the claims as per the Code. We have in-house licensed Insolvency Professionals who can represent the companies in case of any claim with a corporate debtor and can also act as the Liquidator in case the company is going into voluntary liquidation.